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3 inch Doc Brown Double Bell Alarm Clock Movie Prop
Welcome to Fluxy88's listing for Doc Brown's Bulova twin bell alarm clock movie prop! We created this clock to look exactly like the same model as the one seen in the end of the first Back to the Future movie. We designed the clock and clock face to match the movie screen almost perfectly!
Our clock is metal(steel)  colored bronze/copper, NOT plastic!

In the movie, Doc Brown holds the clock in his hand and places it on the Delorean dashboard.  Ours is just like his in size too!
As you remember, at 9:56pm on November 12, 1955, Doc puts the clock on the dash of the Delorean Time Machine. Doc tells Marty to hit the gas and the alarm goes off at 10:03pm! ( which we have the clock permanently set to ) 
The clock face is a 3D representation of the double bell alarm clock. ( looks so real! )
- Turning the on/off switch on the back of the clock now rings the double bell alarm!
- Pressing the light button on the back of the clock turns on a little light inside the clock
The time is permanently set. ( non functional clock) This prop is for display.

Only $42.00
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