Talking Bluetooth Flux Capacitor Movie Prop 30th Anniversary Back To The Future

Great Scott! Our 30th anniversary Generation 2 model Flux Capacitor movie prop has arrived in 2015! We are only making 75 of these, so grab'em while you can! Our 30th Anniversary Generation 2 model is now capable of playing sound effects, music, from any Bluetooth connected phone or device! Take your Flux Capacitor with you and using our Bluetooth rechargeable speaker, you can play any sound effects from your iPhone/Android phone and have a blast! Our included Bluetooth speaker has Doc Browns Initials on it, with the impact label from the 80s! ELB. Our Bluetooth speaker is held on with commercial velcro, so you can easily remove and recharge any time you like. Plus as a bonus, we are including 4 Drivers License Props and Letter/Envelope from Lous Cafe Prop from BTTF 1 movie! All of our Flux Capacitor Movie props come with an A/C adapter, 12vdc 1.5 amps.

Only $659

Talking Flux Capacitor Video

Flux Capacitor
Only $599
Flux Capacitor 30th Anniversary Edition
Only $659
Made to order Made to order

We are also including these BONUS PROPS from the movie!

 1. Save the Clock Tower Flyer
2. Your Fired fax
3. Doc Brown sketch of Flux Capacitor
4. Marty, brother and sister photo
5. Marty and Doc Western photo
6. Chapel of Love photo
7. Drivers Licenses: Marty young,Marty old, Doc young, Doc Old
8. LOUS CAFE Letter
9. LOUS CAFE Envelope

Our 30th Anniversary edition (see video here)is the same as our regular Flux Capacitor but you get more fun! 30th Anniversary edition comes with our Flux Capacitor, Music box mp3 player and speaker that sits on top of Flux Capacitor, 6 Photos/Flyers from Back to the Future movie, Micro SD card and Back To the Future CD. Check out our latest video here:Latest Flux Capacitor Video

1.21 Jigawatts!!! Now you too can enjoy your very own Flux Capacitor! Take it with you in your car, your house, your man cave, anywhere! Our Flux Capacitors are made to run off of 12 volts(1.5amps) (A/C adapter included) and has an on/off switch so you can turn on/off anytime you like. All of our Flux Capacitors are packaged by UPS to ensure your time travel box arrives without harm. Shipping and packaging fees are non-refundable.

Our Flux Capacitor Movie prop cycles through 20+ light sequences using our VERY BRIGHT LED lights, so your Flux will entertain for hours without being boring! Our fluxing pattern is continuous meaning it will finish all cycles and then start over again.

** PLEASE NOTE ** All of our Flux Capacitor Move Props are Brand New. But in some cases, these screen accurate electrical boxes are VERY RARE and EXPENSIVE today and some boxes may have scratches on them, as well as differentiation in color, and rough edges where holes are drilled, etc. But in any event, we feel is gives the Flux Capacitor more realism!! We love making Flux Capacitors and we do our best to try and make everyone as good as the movies!